Frøydis Grorud releases her new album End of a Beautiful Story

Frøydis Grorud’s new album will be released on Jazzland Recordings February 2020. Together with three brilliant musicians, she recorded an ever so personal album with twelve of her own compositions, embedded in a melodious, improvisational, and open musical landscape. Her music evokes beautiful and wild emotions, with elements from classical, jazz, soul, gospel, Brazilian and Norwegian folk music.

Flutist and saxophonist Frøydis Grorud is one of Norway’s most active live music performers. In addition to having been the front figure in the national television NRK’s Beat for Beat music show programme, she has starred on numerous albums, concerts, tours and television recordings. End of a Beautiful Story is her 6th solo release.

Frøydis and her fellow musicians found the calm and inspiration to record new music, staying in a small prayer house in southern Norway, surrounded by old instruments and furniture from a bygone era. These surroundings attributed to a special sound and atmosphere on her album, with each of her musicians had the opportunity to unfold and take up space in the organic and warm soundscape.

“When we can be together over time, with everyone getting a personal ownership of this [musical] project, I think we are playing at our very best”, according to Frøydis.

Personal and vulnerable

The title End of a Beautiful Story came about as Frøydis experienced losing one of her closest friends to illness while writing on the album.

“Life is fragile and unpredictable, and we know little about what will happen tomorrow.” During this period she found strength and comfort in composing music.

“Music is for me medicine for the mind and soul and I am passionate about expressing myself personally through my instruments.”

Together with Torjus Vierli (piano), Hermund Nygård (drums) and Magne Thormodsæter (double bass), Frøydis formed the music into a solid compound, where all the musicians are given the freedom to develop and put their personal touch on the final result.

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