Since you have clicked your way into this page, you may be wondering what Frøydis can offer you when you’re planning on organising an event, fancy an intimate concert, celebrate an anniversary, or want a worthy and memorable backdrop to a ceremony, be it a wedding or a funeral. Then don’t miss out on the following.

Frøydis is a very skilled and versatile musician, and handles her soprano and tenor saxophones as if she were born with them. She is also a very able flutist, plays xylophone, melodica, piano, percussion and even acts as a background singer. Her musical education and experience spans over three decades, and she has collaborated with countless well-known artists from Norway and abroad.

She also stands out as a powerful communicator, who always manages to create a special bond with her audience. Her personal approach takes them in her world of thoughts and experiences, and she naturally and instinctively builds bridges between stories and music. She charms, engages, touches, encourages and moves.

Frøydis can make for a bespoke background for your arrangement. Either alone, with her colleagues such as jazz singer Torun Eriksen, singer and pianist Trude Kristin Klæboe, or renowned pianist Trond Lien (Oslo Gospel Choir), or with other musicians and groups that form part of Frøydis’ extensive circle of artists and contacts.

In addition to her own performances, Frøydis is also an experienced organiser and intermediary. She has arranged a whole series of concerts and matinées within her Frøydis invites.. concept, such as at Chat Noir in Oslo, Drammen Teater and Ibsenhuset in Skien, but also jazz festivals and other events.

Frøydis has shown her broad repertoire and improvisation ability during her two decades as front figure of Norwegian televisions’ Beat for Beat music television programme, which also has made her flexible to meet various requirements.

One thing is clear: there are many who have engaged Frøydis more than just once, are you ready to be convinced?